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Dr Daniel was born into a Muslim family in Northern Iran. He became a radical Muslim leader and teacher of Islam in the militant Free Islamic Revolutionary Movement, closely supporting Ayatollah Khomeini. However, after falling out of favor with Khomeini’s political group, he escaped to Turkey where there began an amazing journey to faith in Jesus Christ.

Daniel's mission is to help others understand and lovingly respond to those who do not know Christ. He is also deeply concerned for the future of Western societies, their loss of confidence in Judeo-Christian values, and their persistent naivete about the implications of the world-wide Islamic revival.

Hand in Hand with the Inhumane Dictators of the Middle-East

People are not allowed to practice their rights in Islamic countries. Our forefathers and generations lived in Iran for thousands of years. They thought us to be proud of our country, land and national values. The dependency on the life principles of Cyrus and Darius the Greats was so high that even the cruelest leaders in Iranian did not dare to demolish them perfectly from the lives of Iranians. Iranians kept them in their hearts and released them anytime they found a slight freedom. This is the reason that we are still able to see some of the ancient values in Iran now. Based of these values, Iran (Persia) became one of the great centre of science and education in the world, now destroyed by the Islamic Army. Iran was the most difficult country for Arabs to penetrate. Even after the invasion of the Saudi Arabian Islamic Army to Iran, Iranians’ pro-right and democratic stand made it so difficult for them to have an easy occupation over the land. It took about fifteen years for Islam’s Army to occupy Iran, and it took centuries for them to make Islam the formal religion of Iran.

Saudi Arabian occupied the south-western part of Iran and kept it in their hands with all their strength in order to use a different tactic, cultural jihad, for the other parts of the land. Their fear was that Iranians were democratic and wouldn’t accept the Islamic rule that called Iranians inferiors and animals, and degraded ladies. Their prophet, Muhammad, commented harshly against the rights of women in Iran:

When Muhammad heard the news that the people of the Persia had made the daughter of Khosrau their Queen (ruler), he said, “Never will succeed such a nation as makes a woman their ruler.“ (Bukhari: Volume 9: Book 88: Hadith 219).

So, Arabs knew that they needed to use their tongues as sword rather than the sword itself. This is called Taqiya in Arabic which means “Holy Deception”. It is a cultural jihad. They started to use it and rewarded the traitors hugely, who believed their lies. The last warrior of Iran was Babak Khorramdin who gave his eyes and hands to the Islamic commander rather than accepting their lies and bribes. Babak was a Zoroastrian, not a Muslim. Today, majority of even Muslim Iranians remember him with pride. And while I was writing this article I was sobbing because of his brave and loving stand for protecting freedom and his country. I know the bitter history of Islam. This is one reason among others that encourages me to waste my arms and eyes to the committed Muslims, if necessary, rather than wasting my and my children’s freedom. Sometimes, I was advised by my friends and family members (who no doubt care for me) that I had to be careful or take it easy so that committed Muslims wouldn’t cause a big problem for me. My Savior Jesus is my witness that these apparently encouraging words broke my heart and were not able to reduce my courage in the Lord for protecting freedom. It is an honor for me to live for freedom, and if that costs my life, it is still an honor for me to offer my life as a little gift for the freedom the Great Master of life, Jesus has offered to the world.

I am a citizen of the democratic world. But our leaders in the democratic world are hand-in-hand with the inhumane dictators of the Middle-East, including the leaders in Saudi Arabia the heartland of Holy Deception (Taqiya). In addition to this, our politicians have also allowed the deceptions of Islam to permeate our political, social, educational, legal and financial systems in many areas, paving the ground for the occupation of Islam. Sad to say that many politicians in the contemporary democratic societies, unlike Babak, love their hands and eyes more than their countries, nations and future generations. If this was all, it still wouldn’t bother me that much. They even love Muslims’ money and oil more than their nations. The pain is even more than this. Even Christians are complacent and quiet. Many mega evangelical Christians have chosen to stay quiet against the subtle invasion of Islam. Some even have collapsed into compromise with Islam, accepting Muhammad as a prophet of real God. Some prominent contemporary evangelical leaders give the church pulpit to the Muslim imams in order to praise Allah in the Sunday morning services. No wonder why our Lord was crying blood in the Garden of Gethsemane. Was He also saying to the Father, “My church will also betray me”?

There are millions of Iranians who have escaped from the blood thirsty rulers of Islamic Republic of Iran and live in the western countries. Only a few of us became curious and thereby started to search the reasons for the presence of democracy in the West and the lack of democracy in the Middle-East. Majority others have chosen to stay quiet and benefit only from freedom without any contribution to its protection. Alas, the westerners were not a good example to them in this. They learned that if westerners do not care for their own history and culture, if they have put money and success at the bottom line of their life only, why others should care for their country? Westerners are losing their self-confidence and thereby are losing their own loyalties too. They have no respect for their own culture. Leftist and humanists want to destroy their culture in the West, and others are also afraid to stand for it because of political correctness.

In democracy, people establish a justice system that values and protects human life, obligates individuals to respect rights, prepares them to work in the best interest of communities. People also establish a government that is able to protect their rights nationally and internationally, especially in this era of intercultural clashes. Is this what we see in the West? No. Political correctness has crippled the West to adequately freedom and rights of its citizens.

Sadly, the economic pressures and the overriding focus on wealth in the West have made the democratic life and practices so fragile and conditional today. The leading forces of democracy are not the core values of democracy anymore, but the multicultural forces, including the culture of Islam. Under the umbrella of multiculturalism, even the authoritarian leaders are able to convince the egalitarians that authoritarianism is good enough to protect freedom. Wow! We have ideologists, politicians and citizens who believe this.

The dependency of the western countries on oil has caused the western politicians to tolerate the authoritarian leadership of the Middle-East at the cost of democratic values. The evidences prove that it was the participative leadership approach in Judeo-Christian belief that brought multidimensional successes to the West and draw the attentions of the world. Every country in the world that ignored the Protestant Work Ethic created an obstacle to the progress of its own economy. Those countries that opened themselves to the western values became economic powers in the world. Even Mao the great communist was not able to lead his nation with the principles of communism but started to plagiarize western work ethic in the name of communism and therefore led China to this stage, which is a communist country apparently but an authoritarian capitalist in flavor.

So, the West has become num. While people in the dictatorship Islamic countries have started to yearn for democracy and are trying sacrificially to prove that no religion or culture must limit the scope of democracy, many westerners are rather keeping quiet, sacrificing their democratic values to the interests of dictators such as Saudi Arabians. There are thousands of Iranian activists in Iran who do not give up fighting against the dictatorship of Islam, but Gordon Brown, English PM, rather wants to make his country the hub of Islamic economy.

What will happen if we do not wake up our communities to these dangerous games? What will happen if Saudi Arabians and their running forces in the western communities such as CAIR, Muslim Brotherhood who want to occupy in the West? It is obvious from the history of Islam that with the accumulation of power Muslims will impose themselves on those who lack power. For this reason, committed Muslim immigrants see the assimilation unnecessary in the western societies and have started to establish their own ghettos (kingdoms) in the West in order to fulfill the desires of their rich Islamic masters such as Saudi Arabia. The goal of these Islamic authorities is to erase every non-Islamic thing from every land in the world. They will disappoint the non-Muslims to feel inadequate in protecting their values, favor the changes for the benefit of Islam and eventually surrender to the religious Muslims who had planned to take over. This will be the result of westerner’s tolerance to Islam.

The following are some of Islam’s tips to the world:

1. Islam does not respect the freedom of speech and other beliefs and religions.
2. Islam is not open to freedom and any criticism.
3. Muslims take delight in free countries for spreading Islam, but never allow other religions’ followers to do the same in Islamic countries.
4. They never invest for the development of a warm and wider understanding among diverse nations in order to remove the barriers to unity with others.
5. They never want to learn and have a deeper understanding of other values in order to encourage their fellow believers for the best.
6. They never encourage their people to refer to their own God given capability and search for the best possible values in the world and choose the best with a free will.
7. They ignore that the truth cannot be discovered by blindly following or obeying the guidance of someone who has never been open to comparison and has never allowed others to do it.
8. They never want to meet the criteria for truthfulness and become good examples for their own nations

Some Muslims governments have suppressed Muslim fundamentalism in their countries for a few reasons, but because they themselves do not have the above qualities, fundamentalism therefore has made its root stronger amongst the masses.

It is urgent for us not only to rescue our societies from the influence of these cruel people, but also to establish our rights in their countries if they want to continue their relationships with us according to the principles of democracy. As the western countries are not only for non-Muslims to live, practice their beliefs, build their religious building, the Islamic countries are also not for Muslims only. All non-Muslims must have equal rights with Muslims to practice their religion in Islamic countries, build their churches and temples, and spread their religions in these countries. Saudi Arabia must open its door for other religions’ evangelism since its Embassies in the non-Islamic countries have become the centers for Islamic Mission.

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