About Daniel Shayesteh

Dr Daniel was born into a Muslim family in Northern Iran. He became a radical Muslim leader and teacher of Islam in the militant Free Islamic Revolutionary Movement, closely supporting Ayatollah Khomeini. However, after falling out of favor with Khomeini’s political group, he escaped to Turkey where there began an amazing journey to faith in Jesus Christ.

Daniel's mission is to help others understand and lovingly respond to those who do not know Christ. He is also deeply concerned for the future of Western societies, their loss of confidence in Judeo-Christian values, and their persistent naivete about the implications of the world-wide Islamic revival.

Strange Defenders of Pluralism!

Minority leftists and Islamists in the West raise their voices ever louder in support of pluralism, while many remain unaware of the motivations behind their celebration of diversity. They praise pluralism or multiculturalism, not out of any true love for diversity, but so their anarchic natures can manipulative these frameworks to promote their beliefs and ultimately to gain power for themselves. Once they reach positions of authority, they will start to destroy other cultures and make people subject to one totalitarian culture, whether communism or Islamism.  Their love for pluralism is feigned, for the purpose of seeing its ultimate destruction.

We will be able to understand the true nature of their mission if we look at the realityt of leftist and Islamist dominance in countries currently ruled by communism or Islam. Communists in N. Korea, China and Cuba have fought bitterly against diversity and closed their doors to pluralism. In a similar way, Islamists have also been trying harshly to uproot pluralism in Islamic countries (such as Saudi Arabia, Iran, and Sudan). Those who have dared to speak in favor of diversity in these countries have been tortured, blamed with being  Agents of America or Israel, and slaughtered. Not only non-Muslims but even minority Muslim sects are suppressed and have limited rights in Islamic countries. Recently Najib Razak the Prime Minister of the so-called moderate Malaysia said; "Pluralism, liberalism? All these isms' are against Islam and it is compulsory for us to fight these." (1)

When it comes to the western countries, leftists and Islamists approach pluralism in a different way. At they use tolerant vocabulary in order to present themselves as lovers of democracy. This is because they are in the minority and are aware that their aggressive plans will not be warmly received unless they baffle and incapacitate people from uncovering their dishonesty. One will not be able to understand their mission unless one knows their philosophies. In the West, they continue a subtle and progressive mission until they penetrate, strengthen their position, disarm the power of people using legal means wherever they can, and eventually hand over power to totalitarian rule.  This will represent the end of peoples’ rights and equal opportunity, and the full revelation of their aggressive, destructive values.

Such people have learned how to destroy pluralism but using the very values of pluralism against itself. They are aware that pluralism divides a unified nation, rids people of any care for values which strengthen national coherence and opens the door for power hungry groups to dominate. They know that pluralism also constrains the progress of integration among immigrants, incites them to establish their own cultural ghettos and fosters their divided loyalties. Pluralism, as we are aware, has even pushed immigrants in the West to demand that the host country to adapt to their cultural values (brought from their lands of origin) since all cultures are equal in the West.

Several years ago, Sheikh Taj El-Din Hamid Hilaly a Muslim leader in Australian stood in defense of three Muslim rapists and criticized the non-Muslim victim for not covering herself in an Islamic way (hijab) (2), because in Islam the fault and stigma of rape falls on the females who do are not covered by the hijab. The Muslim leader was trying to convey the message of Islam to all non-Muslim Australian women, instructing them to cover with the Islamic hijab and thus secure themselves from Muslim rapists. An opportunist, he wanted to seize the opportunity to force the Australian community to celebrate Islamic attitudes to rape, because pluralism is widely celebrated in Australia. Mr. Hilaly was named the "Muslim Man of the Year" at the first Australian Muslim Achievement Awards by Mission of Hope (Muslim Community Solutions for Health and Well-being) — all under the guise of pluralism and despite his Jew-hating comments and encouragement to Muslims to fight infidels and capture the White House (see the above reference 2).

Unfortunately, manipulation is considered an omen victory in leftists’ and Islamists’ political philosophies. The more manipulative followers are, the more rewarded they are in Islam and communism, since their goals justify every kind of mean. These ideologies give legitimacy to manipulation and encourage their followers to use any possible tools at their disposal to accomplish their goals with perfection. Manipulation is a part of a larger battle against Judeo-Christian values and against all other things, including pluralism, that do not accord with their beliefs. This is to unite totalitarian agents together against anything that is in conflict with their centralized and dictatorial doctrine, which aims to establish an imperialism similar to what Lenin established in Russia or the Ottomans in Turkey, by occupying countries and changing their cultures. 

Leftism and Islamism are not compatible with pluralism. Their followers’ apparent love of pluralism is a trap for the destruction of all other cultures. The inconsistency of pluralism is the only reason for these enemies of freedom to celebrate it (for the time being) and to do whatever they desire, until their mission is accomplished at the cost the rights of others. This has been their motivation in pushing our governments to spent millions of tax-payers’ money in the West to spread multiculturalism, which neutralizes our leaders’ and societies’ care for the core values of unity, and to impose the scourge of multicultural disunity on us for the establishment of their despotism.

The reason we are losing greatly is because our societies have been trapped by their superficial niceness, forced to neglect biblical values and thereby accommodate friends and foes alike in the name of democracy and pluralism. Unfortunately, terrorists and those who oppose terrorism are the same in the eyes of many in our societies.  Terrorist Yasar Arafat got a Nobel Peace prize from the West. Some other Islamist terrorists have also been warmly received in the United Nations and even in the White House, even though terrorism is officially condemned by both. This is the message that some of our leaders have been sending to the world:  they will tolerate terrorists in the name of pluralism if circumstances necessitate. As a result, the foes are united in a war against our liberty in our own backyards.

What should we do in the face of these destructive agents? How can we preserve our freedom and share a good message with the world?

The Bible teaches us that the enemies will not be able to take away our liberty if it is from God. It is therefore urgent for us to hold stronger to our faith, wake our nations and the world to the subtleties of our time and encourage people to put their full trust in the God of the Bible who said:

“If My people, who are called by My name, shall humble themselves and pray, and seek My face, and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from Heaven and will forgive their sin and will heal their land.” (2 Chronicles 7:14)
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