About Daniel Shayesteh

Dr Daniel was born into a Muslim family in Northern Iran. He became a radical Muslim leader and teacher of Islam in the militant Free Islamic Revolutionary Movement, closely supporting Ayatollah Khomeini. However, after falling out of favor with Khomeini’s political group, he escaped to Turkey where there began an amazing journey to faith in Jesus Christ.

Daniel's mission is to help others understand and lovingly respond to those who do not know Christ. He is also deeply concerned for the future of Western societies, their loss of confidence in Judeo-Christian values, and their persistent naivete about the implications of the world-wide Islamic revival.

The Prayer of Peace in Islam!

On September 25, 09, Muslims gathered in front of the Capitol Building in Washington DC to pray for peace. This is what they said in their website prior to their prayer, “The peace, beauty and solidarity of Islam will shine through America’s capitol” (http://www.islamoncapitolhill.com/).

Peace with whom?

We will be able to respond to this question if we pay attention to the message of their prayer. This prayer is the creed of Allah and Muhammad and is obligatory for Muslims to recite five times a day. In each prayer, Muslims have to repeat the first chapter (Sura) of the Quran, Al-Fatiha, twice and all together ten times a day. The prophet of Islam, Muhammad, called this chapter the magnificent and greatest of all chapters (Bukhari; V6, B60&61, H226&528). He also said, "Whoever does not recite Al-Fatiha in his prayer, his prayer is invalid" (Bukhari: V1, B12, H723). This chapter contains seven verses. Verses 5, 6 and 7 say:
You (Allah) we (Muslims) worship, and you we ask for help. Guide us to the Straight Path. The Path of those (Muslims) you have blessed, not the path of those (Jews) you have cursed nor of those (Christians) who are in darkness.
All Islamic texts prove that these verses ask Muslims not to have peace with Jews and Christians.

If they cannot have peace with Jews and Christians, who else then remains in America, with whom can they have peace? What about the followers of the New Age, Humanism, Atheism and paganism who believe that everything, including Islam, is right and that they can have peace with Muslims and Muslims with them?

Evidences in the Quran, the judiciary and the history of Islam prove that these people groups have only two choices when it comes to Islam: to die or join Islam. There is an alternative for Jews and Christians to pay to Muslim rulers yearly and thus be spared from death, though humiliated as a result according to the Quran, but all other people groups do not have such a choice.

Who then is this peace intended for? Muslims. This is what it means when they pray for peace: it is a signal to the Muslim world and to the Muslims in America that they have reached the capital city of America triumphantly and will continue their mission until the final domination takes place. The fourteen hundred years of invasion, slaughter and domination of Islam were always accompanied with this prayer of peace! Millions of Jews, Christians, Hindus, Assyrians, and Africans lost their lives to Muslims who were reciting this so-called peaceful prayer five times a day. The praying jihadists of Allah held the Quran in their left hand and the sword in their right hand, and then asked these people “Which one do you like, the Quran or the Sword?” Many, of course, chose the Quran and were pushed to learn and recite this prayer daily. Those who rejected their invitations were beheaded on the spot and their wives and children were taken as slaves.

Christians are forbidden to approach Muslims with the loving, peaceful and respectful message of the Gospel of Christ in Islamic countries, but Muslims are free to curse Christians in Christians’ homelands. What a contrast! The Saudi Airline website forbids passengers to carry their Bibles with them if they want to go to Saudi Arabia. This is the Bible which says, “Love your enemies, bless those who curse you, do good to those who hate you, and pray for those who spitefully use you and persecute you” (Matt.5:44 NKJV). “Do not curse” (Rom.12:14). Contrastingly, Muslims can carry their hate teaching Quran to non-Islamic countries, establish their evangelistic centres and even curse non-Muslims in their prayers.

We should not blame these Islamists only. The blame also goes to President Obama and those Americans who called Islam the religion of peace and in this way paved and continue to pave the ground for the Islamist mission. This is actually a silent jihad (war) where Muslims influence politicians in order to reach their goals swiftly. They cleverly use non-Muslims for the destruction of their communities and, in turn, for the establishment of Islam. Through the initial building of trust, they are able to gain a strong foothold whereby they gradually place pressure on non-Muslims, be it political or financial or other, eventually coercing them to speak in favor of Islam and against their own people and cultural values. The best way for Islam to deepen its roots within a society is when it is favored by the heads of that society. This is what Islamists have achieved in non-Islamic countries, including America.

In response to Obama’s praise-filled speeches about Islam, Islamists now dare to pronounce their daily curses as prayers of ‘peace’ to Americans and thereby deceive millions. The door is open for them to do so, because the top leader of the country believes that Islam is a peaceful religion. No doubt that in the future they will frame and hang Obama’s words as confirmation of the greatness of Islam and the insufficiency of Christianity everywhere. In the future, they may even be able to convince Obama to accept the following verse of the Quran as heavenly and true:
On the Day when some faces will be white, and some faces will be black: To those whose faces will be black, (will be said): “Did you reject Faith after accepting it? Taste then the penalty for rejecting Faith.”  But those whose faces will be white,- they will be in (the light of) Allah’s mercy: therein to dwell (for ever) (Q.3:106-107).
It says that the faces of those who enter hell will turn black, but the faces of those who enter heaven will be white. This is also what the so-called religion of peace, Islam, teaches and asks its followers to believe that the white skinned practicing Muslims are superior to black skinned Muslims. White skinned Muslim Sudanese slaughtered the dark skinned Muslim Sudanese in Darfur, as did some Pakistani Muslims to the Bangladeshi Muslims, because of the teaching of this verse.

September 25 in America will be used by Muslims as a significant day in Islam’s history. No doubt they will call this day a day of prayer in the future. Through their gathering for prayer on this day, they may also try to send a deceitful message to the future generations, saying that it was the Americans who preferred Islam above Christianity.  Otherwise, they would not have tolerated this Islamic prayer which is against their own values. They have said such things about every country they occupied and America will not be an exception.  If they said that it was the Persians, Egyptians and others who favored Islam above their own religions and opened the door for Islamists, then they will certainly say the same about Americans.

Islam destroys even through prayer. Everything in Islam must be in the service of Jihad against non-Muslims. Muhammad said:
Use your property, your persons and your tongues in striving against the polytheists (Dawud: B14, H2498 ).
May the love of Christ open the eyes of world leaders, including the leaders of America, to see that Islam is dangerous from its very core.

The Qur'an hates moderates

In chapter (sura) 9:23, 81, the Qur’an says:

You who believe (Muslims)! Do not take your fathers and your brothers on as sponsors (“Avliya” in Arabic which means supervisor or warden) if they prefer disbelief rather than faith (Islam).  Anyone of you who enlists them as sponsors are wrongdoers (“Zalimoon” in Arabic which means cruel people).

Those who were left behind are delighted to sit around inactive behind Allah’s messenger, and they hate to struggle (fight) in Allah’s way with their property and persons.  They say: “Don’t march off in such heat!”  Say:  “Hellfire will be even hotter,” if they could only understand.

Chapter 33:36 of the Qur’an also says:

No believing (Muslim) man nor any believing woman should exercise any choice in their affair once Allah and his messenger have decided upon some matter.  Anyone who disobeys Allah and his messenger has wandered off into manifest error.

These and many other verses in the Qur’an prove that any Muslim who speaks of choice (moderates) or does not attend jihad is sinning, cruel and is not taken as a friend by any faithful Muslim.

There are many Muslims who are moderates.  But these Muslims are not interested in following the foot-steps of Muhammad or taking a religious position.  They know if they take such a position, they have to be harsh and disrespectful to others, even to their moderate Muslim parents or siblings.  Often, they say, “We do not want to turn our country to the Arabia of 1400 years ago.  Unlike the culture of the Qur’an (above verse), middle-eastern culture encourages a great deal of respect towards parents.  Even though Islam has spoiled the culture in many ways, its encouragement of disrespect is still one of the reasons that it has not been able to win greater numbers of Muslims for radicalism.  One of the revolutionary judges in Iran sentenced his two sons to death, and after two decades Iranians still consider it as an evil act, even though it was Islamic and Qur’anic.

In the middle-east every body knows that anyone who takes over the leadership of a religious body serves for the cause of Islam.  This person must act in accordance with the call of Muhammad and the law of Islam.  Those with a middle-eastern background, who live in the west, clearly understand the subtle lies of Muslim leaders who claim to be moderate.  They know that it is these so-called Muslim leaders who asphalt the roads for the law of Islam and in a manipulative way glorify the killings in the name of Allah.  If these so-called moderate leaders did not exist in the west, the jihadist groups in the west would not be able to succeed and advance.   These leaders are indeed the real servants of Muhammad who ordered an invasion of the rights of moderate Muslims and non-Muslims.

Why is the West a soft touch for Islam?

In our previous letter, we ended our comments with this sentence, “If we do not know our enemy and do not create awareness in the community, the enemy will grow and dominate us.” Our focal point was Allah, the god of Islam, who is the root of problems for Muslims in their relationship with others. In 1400 years of Islamic history, we can see and read how Allah’s schools were strongly established with the influential doctrine of Taqiyya (holy deception). This was a deceptive tactic used to show Islam as the religion of light, but in reality, the religion of darkness and destruction.
Most westerners do not know this because:

1.    They have lost the relational values of life to a great degree and have replaced them with individualism and “money and success”. This is the bottom line of their cultural skeleton now. The life value of Christ, which is the “loving relationship”, does not have a role in their lives anymore. With an overriding focus on money and success, it is obvious that they will succeed (oil based countries) whose money is big.
2. They are not communal anymore and do not feel attached to a community with a shared language, or legal and cultural values. They are aloof individuals for whom everything is right.
When community decreases and individualism becomes stronger, people do not show interest in the root of their shared history and culture, and thereby the ground becomes ready for those, like committed Muslims, who aim to dominate. The best time for Islamic occupation is when people are not united. How does this happen?
When people are indifferent and do not feel responsible for the well being of their societies, their leaders start to focus on their own personal needs and the needs of their intimate family members and friends. This is the time when the enemy finds easy access for penetration and eventual domination. The enemy knows that those leaders who are not attached to their nations can be bought or easily deceived. 

Let us give you a few examples.
Seven hundred years ago, Muslim evangelists and businessmen migrated to Indonesia and manipulated its leaders with this same philosophy. They knew that an easy occupation of a land for Islam occurs when you deceive or kill kings, princes and leaders. Their money (like the petro-dollars of today) made even the king of the land believe that the Sharia had perfect instructions for life. What is happening in England is exactly the same thing that happened in Indonesia 700 years ago.
Gordon Brown’s Treasury spokesman said (February 18, 2008): "We want the City of London to be one of the gateways globally for Islamic financial products." Dr. Rowan Williams, the Archbishop of Canterbury said (February 7, 2008) that the Shari’a was “unavoidable and necessary for social cohesion” in the UK simply because of some Muslims disinterest in relating to the British legal system. 

While God expects the Archbishop of Canterbury to open the eyes of his Government (as the prophet Nathan did to King David), he, instead, has paved the ground for more of Islam and for the establishment of Allah’s kingdom in his land. Allah’s deceiving agents have not only been able to deceive many secular citizens and leaders in the West, but also the governments and even some Christian leaders.
While the cries and shed blood of thousands of Muslim students and citizens in Islamic Countries (i.e. the citizens of the Islamic Republic of Iran, who have been fighting against the Shari’a for years, with so many having been killed) say that Shari’a tightens the limits for freedom, is not compatible with democracy and is unbearable. Dr. Williams, on the contrary, states that Shari’a is essential for Muslims and English people and that they have no choice but to bear the discriminatory instructions associated with the practice of the Sahri’a, the Law of Islam. 

Do these leaders know that their country is already a soft touch for terrorists? Are they aware that such an irresponsible approach to any principle of Sharia opens the door for more terrorism, since Sharia limits the freedom of choice? They know this. They also know that they are dependent on the Muslims’ oil. What about the Archbishop? Does he know that his country is in danger? Our fear is that the Archbishop may have been influenced by the “altruism” of western materialism, which denies any belief in “right or wrong”or “good or bad” and leads everybody to accept whatever knocks on their door because it is “unavoidable”. The Archbishop also used the same “unavoidable” in accepting Islam and its law.
Allah and the Qur’an have taught the committed Muslims the principles of undermining (Taqiyya in Arabic) non-Muslim values. Committed Muslims know the principles of Taqiyya very well. They are so good at clothing themselves as angels of light outwardly while carrying the ax (or Taqiyya) under their garments even to the palaces or leaders’ offices. The interfaith dialogue of Muslims with Christian leaders is also one of the channels of Islamic Taqiyya that aims to open the door for the establishment of Sharia in non-Islamic societies. Committed Muslims come to you as your friends, but in reality are enemies prepared for every kind of destruction. Recognize that they were even able to deceive the man who is the head of millions of Anglicans and claims to have the shield of Christ that protects him and his followers from the arrows of the deceiving one. Now, not only is he unable to protect himself and his followers from the invasion of Islam, but he also paves the way for the establishment of the kingdom of Allah in the UK.
Sadly, many British people are not aware of the disloyalty of their leaders to their country. They are not aware that their openness to the Islamic way of life and economy will lead London to become like the present day Jerusalem. The Muslims of that land do not believe in any rights for others, and are aiming to cleanse Israel from non-Muslims. This land was once in the hands of England. Not only this land, but also Saudi Arabia, Afghanistan, Jordan, Iraq and Kuwait, whose kings were appointed by the British Colonial Authorities. Even the appointed kings did not believe in equal opportunity for non-Muslims in their lands, including Christians. Now, not only do the minority Muslim leaders in Palestine, Jerusalem and Gaza believe that Jews in Israel should not have any rights, but the Muslim leaders of England too.
While Islam prohibits Muslims from integrating, and forces them to dominate over others, leaders in the West fear the economic pressures or the violence on the part of committed Muslims, and therefore refuse to speak in favour of democratic laws, but rather see the solution in a complete surrender. What a shame! Those who are expected to stand against the discrimination, threats and violence of Allah, instead, surrender to him.
The protection of individual rights in the West has been one of its oldest traditions. The Christians of the West paid a huge price in order to make freedom possible for every individual, every race, and every nationality. Now the West is becoming increasingly hostile to the Christian faith.
What are the solutions?
1.    All westerners need to stand against the Sharia. Many non-Christian westerners do not know that Sharia is stricter on them than on Christians. According to the Qur’an (chapter 9), Christians and Jews can buy their lives yearly if they want to live, but other non-Muslims have only one choice; die if they reject Islam or live if they accept Islam.
2.    The West depends on the oil of Islamic countries and this dependence means that the West has to accept Allah’s mind, which is the root of all problems and does not tolerate non-Islamic values. As long as the oil profits of Islamic countries are funneled into the pockets of a hostile ideology, threats to the western citizens will increase.
3.    The West has become indifferent to its own history and cultural values. The shame of colonialism, parochialism, racism and slavery in the past has rid many westerners of national responsiveness. Added to these is the altruistic multiculturalism of the West that gives equal or greater validity to Islam than to other religions and beliefs. If you are indifferent to your values and the rights of your own nation, of course the enemy will penetrate and demolish easily. Westerners need to return to the roots of their cultural values and find the key factors that helped them to establish democracy in order to once again protect them.
4. Last but not least, many Christians have also given up and do not want to pay a price in order to encourage their weary people to take on the light yoke of Christ in order to rid themselves of the political, social, educational or financial burdens that are leading to yoke them to Islam.
If we give up, our enemies will take over.

A relentless ambition

In our previous letter, we discussed on how Allah changes with conditions.  As the root, he has shaped the culture of Muslim nations in the world and has not allowed his own people to rest also.  His prophet, Muhammad, chose to die rather than facing the Truth.  What would you expect his follower to be?  So unrest!  They were involved with shedding the blood of their own nations and others, as the history of Islam shows.  An unrest nation is not only unrest in itself, it will also disturb the peace of other nations too.  Do they?  Of course, they do, especially in the contemporary era when many countries in the non-Islamic world are dependent on their oil.  No wonder why many leaders in the West not only keep quiet towards the inhumane attitudes of Muslim leaders, but they have allowed them to penetrate and influence the western countries too. No wonder, why honor killings of Islam, its hate speeches and threats against critics have been established in the western countries.  Now Muslim leaders are asking for the establishment of Shari’a (the Islamic way of life) in the western countries.  They are offended by seeing ladies walking uncovered in the streets of America, London, France and others.  They do not have rest for the lack of amputation, hanging and stoning in the streets of non-Islamic countries.  They will not have rest until all countries follow the example of Saudi Arabia.  They never had rest in the Coptic Egypt, Zoroastrian Iran, Catholic Syria, Maronide Lebanon and Assyrian Iraq until they demolished their values.  In the same way, they will not have rest until they destroy the democratic values in the West.

What is motivating them to do these to others?   Allah and his Islam.   Aren’t they able to see the beauty of life and give up the miserable life Allah has left for them?  No.  Allah has closed their eyes from the beginning; they are not allowed to read the chapters of others’ lives.  Everybody who lives in Allah will be a threat to them.  You have only two choices in Allah; to obey Allah and destroy others or to die.  Their dependence on Allah becomes stronger when non-Muslim world keep quiet against the inhumane values of Allah.   You imagine what will happen when some western leaders under the pressure of oil and economic crisis speak in favor of Allah and say that he is the same God Christians follow, betraying their own nations.

What is the solution?

The solution is Christ.  I wish every body knew this.

A few years ago, I received a phone call from an atheist man in Sydney, saying that loved to support my ministry.  This honestly worried me immediately; as atheism says that religions are the opium of the world.  I thought that it could be a plot.  I said to him this was the first time I had heard a communist wanted to support a Christian.  “How can this be?”, I asked him.   He said, “Honestly, you guys (other two Australian Daniels too) have opened the eyes of many to the threat of Islam.   I was shocked on how some communist leaders are united with committed Muslims for the destruction of Christianity, but I have realized that what happened to communists in Islamic countries have never happened to us in the western countries, simply because of their Judeo-Christian values.”

I was not able to accept his financial support, but his words were so true and encouraging.  The reason that the democracy of the West does not exist in any other country, is because of the role of Christianity in its root.

We are responsible to help our communities to know Islam.  Islam will continue to subtly destroy the values of the West, unless we speak about the superior values of our root (Christ) and reveal the evil desires of Allah, the root of Islam.  If we do not know our enemy and do not create awareness in the community, the enemy will grow and dominate us.

The problem is in the root

Muslim leaders and scholars never compare their Qur’an and Islamic doctrine with the scriptures and doctrines of other beliefs in order to see where they stand in their relationship with God and nations.  While the whole creation is based on cause and reason, Muslim leaders do not show interest in understanding the truth in the context of the world.  How sad it is that with narrow mindedness they want to rule over the world.  They think that they are following God, while in reality their lives are without God and hazardous to nations.  What or who is the cause of this?  The problem is in the root; Allah is the problem.  When he is not in power, he manipulates and speaks in favor of everything, but when he gains power he imposes himself on others.  No wonder why the Quran speaks one thing when Muhammad was not in political power;

λ    I will place Christians above those who do not believe in Jesus, until the day of resurrection (Q.3:55).
λ    Muslims, Jews, Christians and Sabeites who believe in God and the last Day, and do which is right, shall have their reward with their Lord:  fear shall not come upon them, neither shall they be grieved (Q.2:62).
λ    We gave Moses the Book, so (Muhammad) do not be in any doubt about meeting it…(Q.32:23).
λ    There is no compulsion in religion (Q.2:256).
λ    Allah has ordained Israel for Jews (Q.5:20-21).
λ    And We said thereafter to the Children of Israel, "Dwell securely in the land (of promise)“… (Q.17:104).

 And speaks another thing after Muhammad gained power;

λ    You (Muslims) are the best folk that have been raised up unto mankind (Q.3:110).
λ    Muslims must not befriend non-Muslims (Q.4:89,144; 5:51).
λ    Christians belong to hell (Q.9:29-30, read the whole chapter).
λ    Allah has sent his apostle (Muhammad) with a religion of the truth, that he may make it victorious over every other religion (Q.9:33).
λ    He (Allah) gave you their (non-Muslims’) lands, and their dwellings, and their wealth, for an heritage – even a land on which ye had never set foot: for the might of Allah is equal to all things (Q.33:27).
λ    Prepare against the infidels whatever arms and weaponry you can muster so that you may terrorize them (Q.8:59).

Really, the problem is Allah.  The Qur’an says:

λ    Allah misleads whom he will, and whom he will he guides (Q.14:4).
λ    For him whom Allah leads astray, you (Muhammad) shall by no means find a pathway (Q.4:88).
λ    Allah has fashioned the soul with debauchery and righteousness (Q.91:8).

What is left for conscience if Allah, as the ultimate power in Islam, decided to mislead people?  If Allah is the deceiver, what will you expect his followers to be?  That’s why Muslims leaders have been misleading people for 1400 years since the rise of Islam.

Therefore, watch out and be not deceived by anyone who speaks things like, ‘Islam is the religion of peace; there is not compulsion in Islam; Allah and God are the same, etc.’

Because, when Islam grows its Allah will show his real nature and will act nomadic as he does in all Islamic countries.  He is the root of problem in Islam.

Invasion is the national and international obligation of committed Muslims

They began by terrorizing their own citizens, who love freedom, and continued by establishing themselves as governments in their own homelands. As a result, they have equipped themselves to spread tyranny internationally.

Mahmud Ahmadinejad, the President of the Islamic Republic of Iran, himself a suicide bomber and terrorist, enjoys shedding the blood of his own citizens. He also passed a bill in the Iranian Parliament that any citizen who changes his/her religion in Iran or abroad must be killed. His army, Hezbollah, has invaded the sovereignty of Lebanon aiming to use this country as a bridge for the destruction of Israel. In the same way, the Taliban of Afghanistan has occupied two Pakistani states and is aiming at the occupation of the whole country. When it comes to the destruction of the so-called Infidel Jews, every country is obligated to finance terrorism. Egyptian Yasser Arafat forcibly became the head of Palestinians once many Islamic countries favored Israel’s destruction.  World leaders shook Arafat’s hands and considered him a Palestinian freedom-fighter. 

Committed Muslims cannot live without invasion as long as there are non-Muslims and even moderate Muslims in the world. They are called to fight such unbelievers. The life of their prophet, Muhammad, is full of colorful invasion and looting of non-Muslim neighbors. And since Muhammad is called the best model for Muslims, they are obliged to follow his footsteps. Allah says that he formed Muhammad with tremendous character so Muslims would take him as a role model:

You (Muhammad) have been formed with tremendous character (Q.68:4).

In Allah’s messenger, you (Muslims) have a fine model… (Q.33:21).

Obey Allah and the messenger…that you may receive mercy (Q.24:54, 56).

…Accept anything the messenger may give you, and keep away from anything he withholds from you… (Q.59:7).

Muhammad’s invasions were towards Muslims and non-Muslims. He disregarded the political, social, and moral rights of his own followers because he thought Allah favored him more and desired more allegiance from him than from his other followers.  No Muslim had as many worldly rights as Muhammad had:

1.    He had absolute authority over all, and nobody had the right to speak above his words (Q.33:36).
2.    Every Muslim man had the right to marry four wives, but he was given the right to marry nine.
3.    He had the right to force his daughter-in-law to get divorced so that he could marry her (Q.33).
4.    He had the right to replace his older wives with younger girls (Q.4:20),
5.    He had the right to discriminate against his own wives (Q.4:129).
6.    His wives had no right to be unhappy over whatever he said or gave to them (Q.33:51).

The practical aspect of Islamic rule has taught Muslims that those at the top have more rights than anyone in a lower position. Muhammad decreed a death sentence for any lady involved in adultery, but he did not apply the law for one of his own wives who was involved in adultery. The hands of poor people who stole bread for survival were amputated in Iran and Saudi Arabia because of Islamic law. Yet, Allah’s close followers and their children steal millions and his law is kept passive towards them.

Invasion is an inseparable part of Islamists lives.  They always have some people or country to invade- they have Shiites to blame Sunnis (or visa versa); they have committed ones (like Taliban) to blame nominal Muslims (example Pakistan); they have jihadist to destroy non-Muslims cultures (Jews, Christians, Hindus, Bahais and others) or to kill them. Allah has inspired them to participate in invasions both nationally and internationally. Nationally, they invade their fellow citizens who desire or tolerate democracy. Internationally, they plot for the destruction of those who are different from them or do not live their way. That’s why Saudi Arabia, the heart-land of Islam, is the biggest provider of money for terrorism and for cultural and economic jihad in non Islamic countries. Even when the leaders of the Islamic countries gather for their international summits, the demonization (cultural terrorism) of Israel is always a part of their discussion.

Islamists inherit invasion. When they are poor, they invade others and loot them. When they are rich, they invade to destroy others. When they have weapons, they invade physically; but when they do not have weapons they invade culturally (cultural jihad) to destroy non-Islamic values.

What do you think the children, grandchildren and future generations of these Muslims will inherit from them? Islam’s own history answers this question very well- oppression, torture, amputation, hanging, genocide, poverty, sex slavery, harassment, replacing freedom with terrorism, forcing millions of people to follow Islam, embracing terrorism, honor killing, racism, criminalizing all criticisms of Islam, suppressing freedom of speech and destroying equal opportunities.

This is the legacy Islam has left for its followers.  It has shaped the brains and hearts of its followers with violence of invasions. Muslims, therefore, will never be able to change and be peaceful to their own citizens and to the international community unless they stay away from Allah and Muhammad.

Do the world leaders and communities know as to what the national and international goals of Islam are? Do they know that the foreign policy of the radical Islamic countries and groups is based on deeply-valued religious hatred and invasion? Sadly, they don’t. 

It is therefore our responsibility to wake them up so that they can stay away of these Muslims rather than accommodating their thirst for more destruction. We need to unveil the destructive nature of Islam so that Muslims and non-Muslims will be able to understand that Islam is a political religion that aims to establish radicalism both nationally and internationally at the cost of freedom and peace.

Can freedom exist if Islam grows stronger in the West?

The responses to this question vary ideologically. If you believe that you are a moral agent accountable to God for playing an autonomous role in the life, relationships, workings and generosity of your community, then your response will not be the same as if you believe that your mind is irrelevant to decision-making, creativity or progress and therefore somebody else must regulate your choices and actions. In the latter one, you certainly will give way to the dictatorial individuals who will take advantage of your passivity to achieve their goals. They never believe that their goals can be realized through reason and rationality and for this reason they target those who can serve their coercion and authoritarianism.

A prime example of such coercion is found in Islam, which is tolerated by passive westerners and politically correct politicians who know little about the means of democracy and freedom. Islam dictates to people how they should behave and what they should believe. People have no right to say anything when it comes to Muhammad’s or his successors’ decisions on any matter of life, since obedience is absolute and everybody must submit to  religious leaders and follow the dictates of the Islamic legal principles. Common people (awwam) are called animals; as the saying goes in Arabic: al-awwam kal anaam! (People are like animals). The master possesses all  rights and animals are just directed to perform their duties. Animals are free to eat, rest, be used or be killed,  at the convenience of their masters. This is what freedom is in Islam. You are free to be mute, like an animal, and perform duties for your leader.

Some Iranians and Saudi Arabians speak of Islamic freedom and say that there is freedom in their countries, but it is the kind of freedom in which you are only free to keep quiet in order to live, or to speak out in order to die.

Muhammad, the prophet of Islam, established this centralized social and political system in order to have absolute authority over his followers without any accountability to them. He said:
"Whoever obeys me, obeys Allah, and whoever disobeys me, disobeys Allah, and whoever obeys the ruler I appoint, obeys me, and whoever disobeys him, disobeys me." (Al-Bukhari: V9, B89, H251)
So, Muhammad – or a Muslim leader – is the second-in-command on earth on Allah’s behalf and has no need to consider the opinions of his followers.

It is not for a believer, man or woman, when a matter has been decided by Allah and his apostle, to choose another option: If anyone disobeys Allah and his apostle, he is indeed on the wrong path, and the consequences are dreadful, painful, and imminent (Q.33:36).

A Muslim leader does not have any shortcomings. Everybody must learn from him and be subject to him.  For this reason, opposition to him is unnecessary and ungodly and is to be treated with agressive violence:
You who believe (Muslims), kill any disbeliever who are close to you (relatives and neighbors) so that they may find out how harsh you are.  Allah is with those who are pious (Q.9:123).
Hostility and harshness are the signs of piety, perfection and victory in Islam. Muslims are asked to harsh from a deep theological fervor based on the instruction of the Quran. Muslim leaders, the most pious ones, are always right to be harsh to those who do not follow their models. This is why hostilities and wars never stop in Islamic countries.  They finish only when all opposition ceases. Also, whenever leaders attack their opposition, people have no choice but to confirm the leaders' actions and prove their loyalty to them and their obedience to Allah. It is sin if anyone speaks in favor of opposing authority. If any one does, then all the penalties of cooperating with enemies will be imposed upon them.

What is going to happen to freedom if the influence of pious Muslims grows in the West? How can we live in freedom and justice if Islam establishes itself strongly?

Islamic history and the life in Islamic countries prove that where Islam is present, freedom cannot flourish.

We need to hold on to the values of Christ strongly. Christ has a rational theology that encourages moral equality, reason, logic and relational trust. Freedom rose and advanced in the West because of Christian logic. Christian values founded social, political and economic relationships on honesty and equality, regardless of people’s rank, race, nationality or belief. Christian ethics revealed  God-given autonomy in work and working environment, and advanced life in every aspect by establishing economic liberty in the West. Max Weber’s “Protestant Ethic” even drew the attention of business men and women in the world to the value of the dignity of their workers and of the members of their organizations, which in turn also brought a better financial return to them. The West's economies boomed because of Christians' respect for mankind, including business owners and workers.

God has created all equally. In the eyes of God, there is no difference between prophets and normal followers, husbands and wives, employers and employees, masters and slaves. God wants people to base their relationships on mutual compassion and respect and to fight racism, discrimination and intolerance.

While communist governments killed off religious and non-religious opposition or persecuted them, and while Islamic countries were unable to tolerate reason and logic and discriminated against females and non-Muslims, and slaughtered thousands of their oppositions, the West aligned itself with  Christian values, demolished slavery, respected the dignity and rights of people, tolerated every belief and won preeminence by relying on reason and logic, prospering in every aspect of life. 

It would be better for westerners to being to accept the uncomfortable fact that Islam is an enemy to freedom, peace and equal opportunity. Freedom cannot exist without Christian faith. We need to hold Christianity up in the West in order to keep our freedom alive; otherwise, Islam will grow and destroy freedom completely.

Why are they so angry?

We hear from many quarters that the boys who were suicide bombers in England were angry about Great Britain’s (and others’) presence in Iraq and that they had no choice but to commit suicide and kill their fellow citizens, in order to push the British Government to withdraw from Iraq.

From my perspective and personal experience of radical Islam, they acted as suicide bombers because of their own spiritual imprisonment – a result of their beliefs that gave them no choice but to commit this act, regardless of world events happening around them. If they were free in spirit they would not do things like killing  fellow citizens, which is exactly the thing they accuse others of doing.

Let us go back a few years. Why did angry radical Muslims choose to live and not use suicide bombing to kill any of Saddam’s people, when Saddam killed thousands of Kurds and invaded Kuwait and Iran caused the death of hundreds of thousands of Muslims? How can they now argue that they had no choice except death because of Iraq and Afghanistan are occupied by Westerners?  What does this mean?  Are Muslims who die under cruel Islamic regimes different in the minds of these suicide bombers from  Muslims who die under non-Islamic regimes?  Are not all Muslim lives equally valuable? What makes these radical Muslims capriciously hostile to the West?

They justify their actions in accordance with their beliefs about a country’s ruler. For them, authoritarian Muslim rulers, who actively oppose Israel and the West, are simply better than the leaders of democratic non-Muslim nations.  This discrimination has its root in the centre of their beliefs and values. Unjust actions perpetrated by one Muslim nation against another are seen as ‘ethical’ in their value system, but any conflict between a Muslim nation and a non-Muslim nation is abhorrent, regardless of the issues involved.

While I was a radical Muslim, I remember that I never cared for the rights of people in Christian Cyprus, but cried for the Muslims in Islamic Cyprus; I praised the invasions of Muhammad and his followers that brought about the spread of Islam, but I hated the crusaders who aimed to release their own religious site from the occupancy of Muslims.  My faith was based on a capricious god who had a dualistic belief; the act of sacrificing one's life to kill others is good when it is done against non-Muslim nations but bad when the conflict is between two Muslim nations.

When Jesus is in my life, my moral and ethical values do not change with the wind.  Instead, I have a solid, holy, just, free and peaceful foundation and my political, social, moral and ethical values are not relative and always changing.  As the Gospel of Christ says, “…if the root is holy so are the branches” (Rom.11:16). 

We praise Jesus who through His grace has planted a holy root in our lives that grows branches having the same nature.  Nothing could change the heart of a hostile Muslim except Jesus.  In the same way, if we introduce radical Muslims to Jesus, Jesus will transform them from the kingdom of darkness into the kingdom of light and they will be able to share in this holiness together with us (Acts 26:18).  Their major problem is not political or social issues, as if through only political and social reforms we might help them to avoid upset and discrimination in this world. Their problem is fundamentally spiritual and they need a sound, true and holy belief to change their hearts.