About Daniel Shayesteh

Dr Daniel was born into a Muslim family in Northern Iran. He became a radical Muslim leader and teacher of Islam in the militant Free Islamic Revolutionary Movement, closely supporting Ayatollah Khomeini. However, after falling out of favor with Khomeini’s political group, he escaped to Turkey where there began an amazing journey to faith in Jesus Christ.

Daniel's mission is to help others understand and lovingly respond to those who do not know Christ. He is also deeply concerned for the future of Western societies, their loss of confidence in Judeo-Christian values, and their persistent naivete about the implications of the world-wide Islamic revival.

Why Millions of Young Muslims Have Decided to Follow Jesus

The last decades have become amazing gateways for young Muslims to leave Islam and follow the path of Jesus Christ. It was supposed that the revolutionary and radical Islamic countries such as Iran would draw the attention of many young Muslims and make them radical, but the result was not according to their desires. Iran is the number one country among all Islamic countries for losing millions of its adherents to Christianity. Young Muslims from Saudi Arabia, the motherland of Islam, are also coming to Christ.

Why? There are multiple reasons for this conversion. One significant reason is the technological advancement which opened the door for Muslims to have easy access to information globally. They can hear and read about the life philosophies of Jesus Christ and follow Him.

The Islamic Republic of Iran alone has spent millions of dollars to limit the effects of foreign radios, satellite televisions and other media outlets on Iranians, yet the advancement of technology has failed Iran’s restrictive plans continually. I have been receiving emails from many Islamic countries, including Iran, that Muslims have been watching my journey from Islam to Christ and my teachings on YouTube and via satellite television. People from all ranks of life, professors, clergies, educated and uneducated ones have been coming to Jesus through our satellite television teachings.

The second reason is the courage of ex-Muslim Christians who are now the followers of Christ. The voices of many of these followers of Christ who live in western countries are extraordinarily loud in speaking the truth of Christ to Muslims in their motherlands through every possible means. They have been apologists in using reasons to show why Islamic values are unconstructive in every aspect of life and why Muslims need to follow Jesus Christ.

The third reason is the exposure of Islamic values that were hidden for 1400 years from the sights of rank and file Muslims and of non-Muslims. The only source for Muslims to learn about Islam was Muslim clergies and scholars for centuries. Now they can look at Islam from a non-Islamic perspective, compare its values thoroughly with others and evaluate Islam personally.

Islam’s goal has never been to teach Muslims openness so that they could have logical reasons behind their belief in Islam. Now the information and communication channels have exposed everything in Islam. Many Muslims have now realized that the teachings of the Quran come into conflict with the best values of life.

The fourth reason is the zero tolerance to freedom of speech, religion and equal rights in the Islamic law. Islam is called the last and perfect religion. Many young Muslims have instead discovered that Islam is only perfect in chaining them to ignorance, making them blindly obedient and keeping them from improving. That’s why those young Muslims who yearn to be free, creative and productive leave Islam behind and find their motives in Jesus Christ. Jesus is the Master in freeing people from ignorance.

The fifth reason is the failure of Islamic moral doctrine. Muslims are taught by the Quran that they are the best among all nations but the Jews and Christians are the worst. Many young Muslims now see that in reality the so-called worst people are the best. More than 90% of those medicines that are used in Islamic countries are the inventions of Jews. Muslim scholars teach their young to terrorize moderate Muslims and non-Muslims, but Jews teach their young to be creative in order to serve their people and the nations of the world.

Islamic countries do not have any portion in the contemporary inventions and technological advancements. All technological products used in Islamic countries are from the West and other developed non-Islamic countries. Muslim countries do not have anything to sell but oil or agricultural products if they do not have oil reserves. They do not have any chance of invention. Because invention necessitates individual autonomy which causes people to think big, have productive ideas and thereby become creative; whereas the word autonomy is very foreign in the Islamic dictionary and culture. Many young Muslims are now aware that they need to follow the life principles of Jesus Christ if they want to become autonomous and pursue the tenets of an advanced life.

We are so grateful that we, as ex-Muslims, have each had a role in helping Muslims to see the heart and light of Christ and come out of the darkness that is imposed on them. The knowledge of the truth is the only way to set them free.

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