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Dr Daniel was born into a Muslim family in Northern Iran. He became a radical Muslim leader and teacher of Islam in the militant Free Islamic Revolutionary Movement, closely supporting Ayatollah Khomeini. However, after falling out of favor with Khomeini’s political group, he escaped to Turkey where there began an amazing journey to faith in Jesus Christ.

Daniel's mission is to help others understand and lovingly respond to those who do not know Christ. He is also deeply concerned for the future of Western societies, their loss of confidence in Judeo-Christian values, and their persistent naivete about the implications of the world-wide Islamic revival.

When We Are Less Wise Than Pious Muslims!

It is so dangerous when we become busy with our present mission and do not see what the future holds for us according to the intentions of our enemies, whose tasks are to destroy and devour.  When we become too preoccupied with superficial things, and stay unaware of or indifferent to our enemies' plans, then the future we portray in our minds or to our nations will remain a fantasy. 

Relativism is running our media and academia today and they, therefore, do not see it as necessary to worry about enemies, because enemies and friends are alike. But this will not last much longer.  When pious Muslims get into power they will send their narrators to the media, academic world, and to everyone everywhere in order to shout messages from the blood-stained pages of the Quran, and say that relativism is over because Islam is now in power. This is what pious Muslims have been doing for generations throughout history. After they moved to new areas where they were not yet in power, they deceivingly said ‘your god and our god is the same’ or ‘your beliefs and ours are the same’. Ignorant natives believed them and the pressure of this false belief caused them to ignore their own beliefs and cultural values, and eventually surrender to Islam. Pious Muslims are very talented in confusing people and in taking advantage of that confusion. Their talents are obviously at play in the West. For instance, if pious Muslims were pro-democracy why do they not tolerate the critics of Islam and instead make every effort to sideline them? How would radicalization grow in the West if these pious Muslims taught tolerance and rejected hatred? How is it that Islamic terrorism has become an increasing concern in the West nearly a decade after September 11, despite the presence of so-called 'moderate' pious Muslims? 

Not only are pious Muslims not fighting against terrorism, but they themselves are trying to tie the hands and legs of our policy makers in the West to stay indifferent to terrorism. Who has caused our politicians, media and educators to avoid using terms such as "Islamism," "Islamic fundamentalism," "Islamic radicalism," or “Jihadists”? Aren’t they pious Muslims? Pious Muslims are convincing our officials that these terms have nothing to do with Islam and they must not be used in public. These Muslims know that the majority of our politicians, media and leaders do not wish to resist terrorism personally for fear of risking their position or greater support, all under the pressure of political correctness. For this reason, these Muslims are trying to convince leaders to give up the fight in public too, so that terrorists can gain better opportunities or more energy for jihad. On the other hand, if pious Muslims are successful in removing the blame of terrorism on Islam, then onto whom will the blame of terrorism fall? Clearly, it will be on America and/or the West! This is why the pious Muslims have already voiced that the Fort Hood shooting, the Times Square bomb plot and England’s train disaster were all caused by the West’s own citizens, having nothing to do with Islam or their background or country of origin. Isn’t this clever? It is of great concern that these minority Muslims have been able to force and manipulate our politicians, university leaders and others to issue laws in favor of Islam, while hindering us from discovering the real threat to the values of our communities and countries.

It seems that many of our politicians and leaders are hypnotized and unable to grasp the fact that crime and terrorism cannot be analyzed without understanding a people’s way of life, beliefs and the methodical terms which are established to reflect the meaning of their beliefs. How can we understand the meaning of Hitler’s, Stalin’s, or Ayatollah Khomeini’s words and actions without analyzing the beliefs, revolutionary movements, and strategic terms attached to their movements and beliefs? Can we deny the relevance of the link between their ideologies and their actions, when they themselves have confirmed that their motivation is their own beliefs? My goodness! Some of our politicians, editors and journalists, who call themselves modern and are intellectually brilliant people, act as insensible entities when it comes to their political and social responsibilities. They deliberately try to misunderstand, avoid, or censor  facts in order to direct people’s minds elsewhere. What a great achievement these pious Muslims have made! They are good servants to their prophet, Muhammad, who taught his followers to dominate their opposition and critics in any possible way, and eventually slaughter them. It is truly shocking to see evidence of this at the center of the West, the heartland of freedom.

Terms like “Islamism,” “Islamists,” “Jihadists,”  and the like were not devised by the West. Such terms have always been associated with pious Muslims wherever they have been active. For centuries, nominal Muslims and non-Muslim natives have been using such terms in order to describe pious Muslims.  Even pious Muslims themselves identified themselves proudly with these terms. One of the Iranian chief revolutionary army members called jihad 'Holy Terrorism', a terrorism ordained by Allah (Q. 8:59). Phrases like these describe the identities of pious Muslims. We will not be able to know them and have an accurate picture of them unless we analyze their actions in the light of such terms. So many pious Muslims are pro-terrorism because Islam asks them to be so.

It is blasphemy for pious Muslims to have peace with non-Muslims unless it is for the purpose of deception. They introduce themselves as moderates under the guise of democracy in order to gain momentum for establishing and strengthening themselves, for their eventual domination. In the West, they are exactly following the footsteps of their prophet, Muhammad. After fleeing from Mecca to Medina as a refugee, Muhammad portrayed himself as a peaceful man and prophet of a god.  The democratic atmosphere of Medina provided a safe haven for him and any one else to believe in and say anything they wished. He did not experience any opposition for calling himself a prophet. He only met with opposition when he later got involved in looting caravans. His unethical actions shocked the inhabitants of Medina as a peaceful prophet of a peaceful religion sanctioned the invasion of caravans, looting others and terrorizing those who criticized him for his actions. Medina had never before heard that looting and terrorizing could be sanctioned by Allah, the contemporary pagan’s chief god. Some highly respected natives, who cared for their communities and worried about the insecurity Muhammad was creating in their homeland, criticized him of his strange teaching and actions. In response, he sent his pious followers to assassinate them secretly. We can find in Muhammad’s own biography, The Life of Muhammad, how a peaceful Muhammad changed into someone who ceased to tolerate his critics and opposition after he further established his roots. An elderly man named Abu Afak expressed his dissatisfaction through a poem, calling his patron tribe to withdraw from being under the leadership of the prophet of Islam and follow someone who cared for the communities in Medina. Muhammad, unable to bear Abu Afak's criticism, sent his devoted followers at night to stab him to death in his sleep. This hostile attitude towards an elderly man outraged the inhabitants of Medina, who valued the presence of elderly people highly. As a result, a woman named Asma requested retaliation, as the law of the land necessitated. Muhammad again sent his messengers at night and they slaughtered her in front of her young children (The Life of Muhammad, by Ibn Ishaq, PP. 675-676).

Western countries are like Medina for pious Muslims. In their migration to the West, they follow the exact footsteps of Muhammad. The best contemporary example is the Muslim Brotherhood. The members of the Muslim Brotherhood were rejected and persecuted in Egypt because of their strong stand for Islam. Some of them were able to escape and take refuge in Europe and America. We can see now how the members of the Muslim Brotherhood are dealing with Europeans and Americans who sheltered them. They have been terrorizing western values, ways of life and people. They have pushed for:

1.    Shari’a courts, disregarding the sovereignty of western laws.
2.    Separate swimming pools and school rules, imposing their way of life in the West.
3.    Removing pork menus from cafeteria menus, pushing westerners to live in an       
       Islamic way.
4.    Special treatment in work areas, disrespecting and disregarding Judeo-Christian 
       Work Ethic.
5.    Laws excluding Muslim taxi drivers from carrying those who are drunk,  
       carrying alcohol or dogs.

Once, the members of the Muslim Brotherhood were homeless and desperate for a country to give a shelter to them, but now they are aiming to destroy the life of the country that took pity on them and sheltered them kindly.  Why? Because deception is their religion and spiritual identity.

We must exercise more wisdom against the clever tactics of pious Muslims. Why should we allow our countries to be easy prey for those who are striving for the destruction of our freedom? Why shouldn’t we say “no” to them and to those who stand behind these dictatorial gurus?

Let us not keep quiet and expose ourselves to a noxious and tormenting future. Let us wake up, speak out and live for freedom.

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